5 Tips To Get The Best Out Of Your Residential General Contractor In Sarasota FL

When working on a building project, you most definitely want the best results. Once you’ve selected the right builder the work begins. It’s important to get the most out of your residential general contractor in Sarasota FL.

Effective communication

Right from the outset, establish a clear channel of communication. This should be convenient for you and the builder. Determine the right medium and time for communicating. For example, you can communicate once a day face to face on site. Or you can call the foreman. This helps to keep you updated on the progress being made so far. You can also raise any concerns you have.

Inspect work done

Regularly assess the work that has been done by the custom home contractor. For instance, you can check the work at the end of every day after the crew has left. Note any issues and bring them up to the builder.

Be kind

Goodwill gestures are good motivation for the crew. Though not necessary, they can go a long way in contributing to a positive relationship. Drop by and have a cup of coffee and doughnuts or some pizzas for the crew. Spend time with them and get to know them. They will return the favor and do their best for you.

Set milestones

Have milestones for your custom home construction that need to be met at specified dates. This is important for both you and the builder. Tick off the milestones as they’re achieved. This timeline should ideally be kept at the job site, where it’s easily accessible to the builder.

Pay in full

Once the builder has fulfilled their end of the bargain, release payments as agreed. Payments can be made in installments, as certain milestones are achieved. Pay them as quickly as possible without any delays. The final payment should be made once the last deliverables have been done.

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